Current projects

Something's always up on the blocks in my mind. And I have a NEW novel underway in 2023. More soon...


Love and Water

A novel in stories: Apprentice glass artist Bridget escapes her strict home in Glasgow to travel the world by ship, pursuing her long-vanished father to the end of the earth—San Diego—where she meets brothers Dustin and Corey, two fellow nomads. The trio’s time by the ocean is brief and explosive—fragile things break—but changes each of them for the good.

Hand kneading bread

Silver Tongue

When women talk, stuff happens. The stories in this trilogy focus on essential connections between women. The title story, "Silver Tongue," won Iron Horse's 2020 Trifecta competition.

  • A young single mom wants to give her son more than will fit in a box.
  • Two sisters and their mom struggle to understand the rules of rugby.
  • Personal peeves and national politics impose a new reality on an old friendship


Waves in clear water hit a beach

Eternal Girl

A darkly humorous novel about origins, grudges, a Great Lake, and meals.

Carmel MacPherson, always trouble, gets kicked out of the Christian camp she loves for smoking pot at age 17. Chaos ensues six years later when she returns after a near-death experience to work as the camp cook.


The Fifth Voice

A family of musicians plays together and falls apart in Detroit.