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Open book, showing highlighted text and drawings

Best read of the week: WIRED reports on paper planners

By Kate Blackwood / October 18, 2020

“These women gain a sense of control in a chaotic world by planning as much of their lives as they can.”

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Best read of the week: The Bluest Eye

By Kate Blackwood / October 10, 2020

This week a novel dominated (in a good way) my brainwaves: Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye.”

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The White House at night

Best read of the week: What if?

By Kate Blackwood / October 3, 2020

A peaceful transition of power is not assured.

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desk, plant, cement wall that says: Punch today in the face

Best read of the week: God in the office

By Kate Blackwood / September 18, 2020

A raft of divinity school trained advisors is helping the scattered flock of white collar workers to honor moments of silence to open Zoom meetings or hold funeral rites for failed projects.

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