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Movies of the month: Love and Labor

By Kate Blackwood / March 18, 2023

In which the protagonists love what they labor at, interrupt love for labor, find love through labor, or, in the case of the last one, kidnap a sexist, egotistical boss and suspend him from the ceiling of his own country house.

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Red Cross Ash Wednesday

By Kate Blackwood / February 25, 2023

Instead of a grey cross made of ash imposed on my forehead, I received a certificate with a red cross in my email.

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Zombie trucks and perpetual Christmas

By Kate Blackwood / February 4, 2023

Resurrecting my Read of the Week to ponder the humans of overland transport.

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A tree trunk covered with light green lichen, growing in a circle

Light and the way to it

By Kate Blackwood / December 31, 2022

The human capacity for wonder is undiminished for those who choose to reach for it.

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