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Person in mask holding red umbrella

Mask mandatory

By Kate Blackwood / April 27, 2020

It somehow circled back to the face mask. My first interaction in the place was muffled by the absence of facial cues. The front desk monk scared me rather than making me feel welcome.

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Blue water up close

The two-fold nature of water

By Kate Blackwood / April 11, 2020

The element that could kill you will also hold you up. The difference is a matter of trust.

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Honeybee up close

Book review: The History of Bees

By Kate Blackwood / April 10, 2020

Honeybees star in this book. They don’t speak, but they are continually communicating. By the end, I was fully impressed by the important role bees play in global agriculture and the danger to overlooking them or even abusing them.

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Books for the musician, music for the writer

By Kate Blackwood / April 8, 2020

Practicing the piano was his work. Reading was his fun. The pattern is the same now.

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