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Book review: Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica Locke

By Kate Blackwood / May 22, 2020

Family history and Texas culture come together to suggest that sometimes justice does need to make an end run around the law after all.

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Best Read of the Week: Reflections on runner Ahmaud Arbery, in The Atlantic and City Lab

By Kate Blackwood / May 15, 2020

The man in the security footage apparently took a drink of water from the construction site before continuing his run.

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Book review: Reading Station Eleven during a pandemic

By Kate Blackwood / May 13, 2020

After a second reading—this one during a pandemic much less severe than the one in the book—I see more. It’s a story about gratitude. And grace. And tenacity.

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Best Read of the Week: Sabrina Orah Mark on fairy tales, in PARIS REVIEW

By Kate Blackwood / May 8, 2020

In February, as a plague enters the land, she endures a three-day interview for a post she does not get, during which a several deans request of her seemingly impossible tasks.

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