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Plastic sandals on a tiled floor; lockers nearby

Things that are cheap (or free!) and last (nearly) forever

By Kate Blackwood / December 10, 2021

What I bought for 39 cents at a Nebraska truck stop in 1999 and still use 3 times a week; & other tales of low-cost, high value belongings.

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Viva November! 11 reasons to love the penultimate month

By Kate Blackwood / November 1, 2021

November is the quiet sister among months. The poetic soul, the one who doesn’t demand attention. I’ve started to love this 30-day stretch between costumes and tinsel. Here’s why.

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Three white birds standing in water

What the birds tell me on my birthday

By Kate Blackwood / September 8, 2021

I look for bird omens, especially on my birthday. Here’s what three egrets and a blue heron predict for my year to come.

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Hand holding a glass of beer

Public House

By Kate Blackwood / July 15, 2021

The medieval origin of the British pub – the “public house” – meets modern day parental day-drinking.

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