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A tree trunk covered with light green lichen, growing in a circle

Light and the way to it

By Kate Blackwood / December 31, 2022

The human capacity for wonder is undiminished for those who choose to reach for it.

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Five irreplaceable, unduplicatable things I love about Ithaca

By Kate Blackwood / August 18, 2022

You won’t find these unmistakable landmarks anywhere else. And I miss them.

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An adult holds a small child near large rocks at the top of a mountain; sea in the distance

Goin’ to Bangor: A song and childhood memory

By Kate Blackwood / May 29, 2022

On my first trip to Maine, a Patty Griffin song teaches me the pronunciation of “Bangor” and the value of early experiences.

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Plastic sandals on a tiled floor; lockers nearby

Things that are cheap (or free!) and last (nearly) forever

By Kate Blackwood / December 10, 2021

What I bought for 39 cents at a Nebraska truck stop in 1999 and still use 3 times a week; & other tales of low-cost, high value belongings.

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