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Flipturns: Bonus material

By Kate Blackwood / February 7, 2022

Two landmark experiences during my pregnancy last year – swimming in the YMCA pool and hiking in New York’s Adirondack region – taught me that my son is a being separate from me and will be for the rest of his life. I wrote about it, and the wonderfully specific journal Sport Literate published my essay “Flip Turns” this winter.

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Read of the week: Lake

By Kate Blackwood / September 5, 2021

I took a break from most things this week to spend time reading the surface, waves, and moods of Lake Huron.

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Read of the week: Fire and Water in the Believer

By Kate Blackwood / June 6, 2021

The best thing I read this week: two beautifully contrasting pieces in The Believer, summer 2021 issue

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Wooden ship hull jutting improbably out of a placid river landscape

Marginal and messy places: ‘The Inner Coast’

By Kate Blackwood / April 20, 2021

“All coasts are marginal and messy places, which is why people like me are drawn to them, I suspect,” writes Donovan Hohn. I feel the same.

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