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Person stands, holding a baby, in a desert landscape next to a sign that says "Sloan Canyon"

Imagining a landscape – then going

By Kate Blackwood / May 27, 2023

Can we only write about places we’ve been? My recent trip to a Nevada wilderness area provided a good test case.

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Closet musician

By Kate Blackwood / April 23, 2023

Disconnecting my pleasure in doing a thing from anybody’s reaction.

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Metal bridge seen from below; view of the sky with a break in the clouds

A few steps on the Underground Railroad

By Kate Blackwood / December 4, 2022

Cornell students write fiction to explore the experience of freedom seekers.

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A small computer with running shoes nearby

How running a marathon is going to help me publish a novel

By Kate Blackwood / October 9, 2022

What can I learn from this specific, athletic, amateur activity and apply it to the messy, years-long process of crafting a piece of literature?

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