Writer of facts and fiction

I write novels and stories inspired by sets of facts and bodies of knowledge. I'm a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and my writing appears or is forthcoming in Iron Horse, Stone Canoe, Red Line Blues, SN Review, The Metamer Quarterly, and elsewhere. Right now, I'm at work on a novel in short stories connected by water.

I live in Ithaca, New York, where I work as a writer for Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences, reporting on faculty research in a variety of subjects. Recent favorites include articles on: cyclones, male entitlement, black holes, and a book of spellbinding poetry.

Send me a thought, a link, or a poem. I love to connect with people in the writing community. And fellow runners and theater geeks, too.


Recent Blog Posts

Best read of the week: Winter swimmer

By Kate Blackwood | December 7, 2020

Cold, open water really does pull you out of your comfortable reality.

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Baking ingredients and bowl of flour

Pie crust as rough draft

By Kate Blackwood | November 29, 2020

Every story or novel I’ve written is at one point or another a big, lumpy mess. Too much in some places, not enough in others. A mass not even resembling what I want it too look like in the end.

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Forest path, very large trees, small person

Book review: Looking for life in all the wrong places

By Kate Blackwood | November 27, 2020

At the core of “The Overstory” is a translation problem; the trees are speaking, but we humans are not listening anymore.

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