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Athletic person running fast

Book Review: “My Story So Far” by Paula Radcliffe

By Kate Blackwood / November 2, 2020

Paula was perfect accompaniment to waiting for treatment of a running injury because much of the book is about Paula Radcliffe being treated for running injuries.

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Carved pumpkin, illuminated; dark background


By Kate Blackwood / October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween, everyone. Help each other. Do good in disguise. Remember the innocent thrills.

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Black headphones on yellow background

Noise-cancelling live stream

By Kate Blackwood / October 30, 2020

For ten frustrating minutes, I toggled between the two unchallenged monologues. Then I changed the channel.

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Table with computer, notebook, and coffe cup in front of a large window

Writing retreat: five takeaways

By Kate Blackwood / October 25, 2020

Five pointers I will follow the next time I go away for a weekend writing retreat.

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