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Flat beach, water, dim colors, two people in the distance

Book review: The Maytrees

By Kate Blackwood / August 15, 2020

This book is like a tent made of the very best material and ingenious design, packing a whole dwelling down into a piece of art I am going to take with me and set up and live in again.

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Best read of the week: How did it come to this?

By Kate Blackwood / August 8, 2020

Are Americans too eager to return to normal?

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Farm field curving near trees, black and white

Dramatic effect

By Kate Blackwood / July 27, 2020

That complication is satisfying—when we’re witnessing someone else’s story, someone else’s suffering.

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Best read of the week: Rogue waves

By Kate Blackwood / July 26, 2020

They’re more rare than rolling three straight roulette bets, but once in a while, like on New Year’s Day, 1995 on the North Sea, one pounces.

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