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Police vehicle in front of the US Capitol building

Read of the week: Pushover police

By Kate Blackwood / January 10, 2021

How did a mob of Trump supporters break into the US Capitol building, interrupting a joint session of Congress vital to ratifying the results of the 2020 election?

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Best read of the week: Winter swimmer

By Kate Blackwood / December 7, 2020

Cold, open water really does pull you out of your comfortable reality.

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Two people, arms around each other, walking down a trail

Best read of the week: Boot Camp Besties

By Kate Blackwood / October 23, 2020

“When the friends began to refer to each other as ‘boot-camp besties,’ people’s confusion finally faded.”

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Open book, showing highlighted text and drawings

Best read of the week: WIRED reports on paper planners

By Kate Blackwood / October 18, 2020

“These women gain a sense of control in a chaotic world by planning as much of their lives as they can.”

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