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Read of the week: A country without music

By Kate Blackwood / August 22, 2021

My hope for young musicians in Afghanistan living in fear is that they will find music in their minds. Beyond this, I feel helpless.

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A sunset reflected in still water of a lake

Read of the Week: A valley cut in the shape of his heart

By Kate Blackwood / August 8, 2021

I have moments when I’m afraid I’m losing touch with the world. Sidhu’s essay helps me to remember that by tuning in to my immediate surroundings, I gain an intimate knowledge of a place that’s now cut in the shape of my heart.

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Person running on a track

Read of the week: Olympian from a dairy farm near me

By Kate Blackwood / August 1, 2021

I can’t wait to watch Elle Purrier St. Pierre run in the Olympic 1,500 event this week. And this NY Times profile makes me eager to start running again, past my local dairy barns.

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Illustration of a planet and a glowing star

Read of the week: The point of view of the alien

By Kate Blackwood / July 18, 2021

Astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger catalogues the clock of celestial bodies, turning the point of view back toward Earth: how might THEY find us, and what might we look like to them?

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