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small, fierce bird

Book Review: Hamnet

By Kate Blackwood / June 30, 2021

Her grief fades with her life. His echoes through audiences forever.

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Blue and gold decorative round chart showing 12 zodiac symbols

Book Review: The Luminaries

By Kate Blackwood / May 31, 2021

Perhaps star charts are, after all, an effective way to impose narrative order on a chaotic, destructive frontier setting

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Wooden ship hull jutting improbably out of a placid river landscape

Marginal and messy places: ‘The Inner Coast’

By Kate Blackwood / April 20, 2021

“All coasts are marginal and messy places, which is why people like me are drawn to them, I suspect,” writes Donovan Hohn. I feel the same.

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City in the distance, framed by flowering trees

Book review: Pachinko

By Kate Blackwood / March 31, 2021

Love doesn’t make life easy. This family suffers loss, imprisonment, war, injury, and discrimination – the lasting social stigma placed on “Zainichi” – Koreans living in Japan.

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