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full moon and clouds

The intangible gift of the moon

By Kate Blackwood / November 29, 2021

A cosmic search for connection guided by planets and William Blake told by an obstinate woman who seeks meaning amidst the chaos of a shifting world.

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Building a woman’s world with words

By Kate Blackwood / November 15, 2021

“Matrix” by Lauren Groff and the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival both use language to construct worlds in which female is the norm.

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Large house in dim light

One really good—I mean evil— literary villain

By Kate Blackwood / October 31, 2021

I’m not into horror, so scenes of fake blood and ax murderers do not move me. But a malevolent character who only wants others to suffer—this is truly scary.

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small, fierce bird

Book Review: Hamnet

By Kate Blackwood / June 30, 2021

Her grief fades with her life. His echoes through audiences forever.

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