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person under the surface of a swimming pool

Swimming is her favorite state of being: ‘Chronology of Water’

By Kate Blackwood / March 27, 2021

If we ever ended up in the same YMCA pool, Lidia would swim me out of the water. But we both know what it means to show up.

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beach beside a river, fog

What I didn’t expect from a place I’ve never been: Action in “Mendocino Fire”

By Kate Blackwood / March 6, 2021

The way she tells it, it’s happening before you know it’s happening, much the same way the character is plunged into the sea or down a steep drop or into the vortex of an irrevocable relational tangle. The prose is swift and unexpectedly physical.

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Pot of curry

Book Review: Mother Land by Leah Franqui

By Kate Blackwood / February 28, 2021

Two women, one kitchen; much tension. It’s a classic recipe for a good story, one that turns out beautifully in “Mother Land,” a novel by Leah Franqui.

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Person arranging flowers

All of life in one day; all lives in one novel?

By Kate Blackwood / February 7, 2021

“Woolf was among the first writers to understand that there are no insignificant lives, only inadequate ways of looking at them.”

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