Read of the week: Rewilding Scotland

Scotland is on my mind this spring. I’m reading the stellar novel “Shuggie Bain,” writing a novel portion set in Glasgow, and thinking a lot about my great-grandparents, who lived in (and emigrated from) this industrial city on the River Clyde.

I’m also thinking about my one trip to Scotland’s highlands region—a day-long drive there and back in a compact car in 2002 with my septagenarian host. It was generous of him to take the time to show me, his visitor, one of the most beautiful parts of the country. But it was frustrating for me to be stuck in the car. The mountains were smoking with mist. I wanted to get out of the car and scramble up, rain and all. I envied the folks trudging on a long walk in their brightly colored gear.

It was the opposite of wild, but my memories of my peek into the Scottish highlands resonate with this article in the environment-focused EuroNews about political ambitions to “rewild” Scotland.

“The theory goes that by giving nature a little push and then stepping back, we can put a stop to the incredible loss of biodiversity and worsening climate crisis.”

Perhaps by the time I’ll get back to the Scottish highlands, it will be a little more wild, and I’ll be allowed out of the car.

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