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Baking ingredients and bowl of flour

Pie crust as rough draft

By Kate Blackwood / November 29, 2020

Every story or novel I’ve written is at one point or another a big, lumpy mess. Too much in some places, not enough in others. A mass not even resembling what I want it too look like in the end.

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Forest path, very large trees, small person

Book review: Looking for life in all the wrong places

By Kate Blackwood / November 27, 2020

At the core of “The Overstory” is a translation problem; the trees are speaking, but we humans are not listening anymore.

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snowy field, running dog

Winter running 101

By Kate Blackwood / November 18, 2020

‘Tis the season to dress up like a twinkle light covered traffic cone! And other cold-weather running tips.

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Porch with rocking chair

Book Review: Home

By Kate Blackwood / November 17, 2020

What I want to review regarding “Home” by Marilynne Robinson is myself as a reader.

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