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Hand holding a glass of beer

Public House

By Kate Blackwood / July 15, 2021

The medieval origin of the British pub – the “public house” – meets modern day parental day-drinking.

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Plastic bin neatly stacked with colored notebooks

Read of the week: Note-taking

By Kate Blackwood / July 10, 2021

This post by magazine writer Ben Mauk has renewed my appetite for taking note of the world. And encouraged me to buy a new notebook.

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small, fierce bird

Book Review: Hamnet

By Kate Blackwood / June 30, 2021

Her grief fades with her life. His echoes through audiences forever.

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Desert city, seen from a hill

Read of the week: Heat

By Kate Blackwood / June 27, 2021

“What it comes down to is this: By cooling ourselves off, we risk cooking ourselves to death.”

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