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gymnast flipping in the air

More than gymnastics

By Kate Blackwood / October 3, 2021

“Watching her is like trying to catch the light.” Camonghne Felix captures Simone Biles in writing as deftly as a fast-shutter camera in an article for The Cut.

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Read of the week: A Fire Lookout in 2009

By Kate Blackwood / September 19, 2021

An essay about the 2007 fire season in one New Mexico wilderness becomes a bit of a time capsule for me in 2021.

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Three white birds standing in water

What the birds tell me on my birthday

By Kate Blackwood / September 8, 2021

I look for bird omens, especially on my birthday. Here’s what three egrets and a blue heron predict for my year to come.

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Read of the week: Lake

By Kate Blackwood / September 5, 2021

I took a break from most things this week to spend time reading the surface, waves, and moods of Lake Huron.

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