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Viva November! 11 reasons to love the penultimate month

By Kate Blackwood / November 1, 2021

November is the quiet sister among months. The poetic soul, the one who doesn’t demand attention. I’ve started to love this 30-day stretch between costumes and tinsel. Here’s why.

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Large house in dim light

One really good—I mean evil— literary villain

By Kate Blackwood / October 31, 2021

I’m not into horror, so scenes of fake blood and ax murderers do not move me. But a malevolent character who only wants others to suffer—this is truly scary.

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Steve Jobs, my iPhone, & boredom

By Kate Blackwood / October 10, 2021

Steve Jobs started a movement to connect our computers with our hands. Ten years after his death, Steven Levy’s 2011 remembrance, re-posted this week, gives insight about the person behind the devices and interfaces I use — and sometimes resist.

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gymnast flipping in the air

More than gymnastics

By Kate Blackwood / October 3, 2021

“Watching her is like trying to catch the light.” Camonghne Felix captures Simone Biles in writing as deftly as a fast-shutter camera in an article for The Cut.

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