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Green hills reflected in a lake

Read of the week: Rewilding Scotland

By Kate Blackwood / May 17, 2021

“The theory goes that by giving nature a little push and then stepping back, we can put a stop to the incredible loss of biodiversity and worsening climate crisis.”

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Two people sit at a table with a rose centerpiece

Mother stories

By Kate Blackwood / May 9, 2021

As I celebrate Mother’s Day this year with a visit from my own amazing mom, I’m thinking of mother characters who play central – and complicated – roles in novels I’ve read this year.

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Person standing with arms crossed in front of a painting of wings

Read of the week: Poet couture

By Kate Blackwood / April 23, 2021

“I’ve learned that it’s okay to be afraid. And what’s more, it’s okay to seek greatness.”

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Wooden ship hull jutting improbably out of a placid river landscape

Marginal and messy places: ‘The Inner Coast’

By Kate Blackwood / April 20, 2021

“All coasts are marginal and messy places, which is why people like me are drawn to them, I suspect,” writes Donovan Hohn. I feel the same.

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