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Desert city, seen from a hill

Read of the week: Heat

By Kate Blackwood / June 27, 2021

“What it comes down to is this: By cooling ourselves off, we risk cooking ourselves to death.”

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Read of the Week: In the Heights

By Kate Blackwood / June 13, 2021

While I’m still not sure I’ll see the movie this summer, this Vox article, “In the Heights, Explained” filled me in on this musical’s backstory and reminded me that 2021 comes with a full summer theater season.

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Read of the week: Fire and Water in the Believer

By Kate Blackwood / June 6, 2021

The best thing I read this week: two beautifully contrasting pieces in The Believer, summer 2021 issue

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Blue and gold decorative round chart showing 12 zodiac symbols

Book Review: The Luminaries

By Kate Blackwood / May 31, 2021

Perhaps star charts are, after all, an effective way to impose narrative order on a chaotic, destructive frontier setting

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