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Headlight of blue Ford Mustang

Best read of the week: Dead to Me

By Kate Blackwood / July 19, 2020

If two women who have taken this much from each other don’t kill each other, they’re bound to be soul sisters for life.

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Person surfing

Best film of the week: Surfing with Bethany Hamilton

By Kate Blackwood / July 14, 2020

I admire Bethany’s single-minded pursuit of her gift. I also admire her spiritual perspective.

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Three runners on a path

Best read of the week: On running and grief in New Ohio Review

By Kate Blackwood / July 4, 2020

Step by step, I come to know her grief more clearly.

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Best read of the week: Emily Writes Back about art and life

By Kate Blackwood / June 27, 2020

“I’m not accidentally showing my ass. It’s on purpose! It’s art, I tell you, art!”

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