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Book cover on desk: The Americans

Best read of the week: Deep dive into a black and white photo

By Kate Blackwood / June 20, 2020

“‘Trolley — New Orleans’ is all about division. Two rows of windows, each window a frame.”

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People with signs: Justice Now

Educating myself during #ShutDownAcademia

By Kate Blackwood / June 10, 2020

It gave me hope to be part of a day in which instructors, advisers, staff, and students step back—whether to heal or to learn—and focus on the unjust elements of academia.

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stone wall on the edge of a beautiful gorge

Best read of the week: Black Lives Matter and nature

By Kate Blackwood / June 6, 2020

To open all spaces to all people means saying “Black lives matter” this week and as long as it takes.

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Stone clock tower with lake in the distance

Best read of the week: Aerial video of the Cornell campus

By Kate Blackwood / May 31, 2020

My best read of the week this week is a flight over Ithaca, a film made by a Cornell senior.

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