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two people smiling, outdoors

Olympian mothers

By Kate Blackwood / August 6, 2021

This year more than ever before, elite athletes who are also moms are proving what women are capable of. I’m tapping into their energy.

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Read of the week: Olympian from a dairy farm near me

By Kate Blackwood / August 1, 2021

I can’t wait to watch Elle Purrier St. Pierre run in the Olympic 1,500 event this week. And this NY Times profile makes me eager to start running again, past my local dairy barns.

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six people playing hockey on ice outdoors

Speakeasy Hockey

By Kate Blackwood / February 21, 2021

Christian Klueg’s back door opens directly onto ice smooth enough to reflect his house and his coiled garden hose.

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Person running

Book Review: Let Your Mind Run

By Kate Blackwood / December 31, 2020

In “Let Your Mind Run,” Deena Kastor counts the mind as an essential part of a runner. Using her own story, she considers the power of the mind to motivate the body.

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