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Blue running shoe

Winter Chill #3: Footwear

By Kate Blackwood / January 23, 2022

Snow over ice. Skates switched out for skis. The runners made some footwear switcheroos today, too.

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Winter Chill #2: Green House

By Kate Blackwood / January 16, 2022

Last week, I’d run scared. This week, I still cared, but something about the cold, about having to move to keep from freezing, about generating my own heat, comforted me.

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Winter Chill #1: Fear the 5K

By Kate Blackwood / January 9, 2022

I am celebrating January by doing this thing that scares me for four weeks in a row. One down and I’m still breathing.

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two people smiling, outdoors

Olympian mothers

By Kate Blackwood / August 6, 2021

This year more than ever before, elite athletes who are also moms are proving what women are capable of. I’m tapping into their energy.

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